The Vegan Afterglow is where I share how to glow from the inside out on a whole-food plant-based diet with a small budget & minimal ingredients.

My philosophy? Eat plants over processed.

My Story

In 2014 I packed my bags and moved 7000 miles across the world to study at University. Dangerously armed with a hefty student loan and living on the beautiful island of Hawaii for the first time, I spent most of my money on alcohol & fast food.

My version of “living on a budget” consisted of buying the cheapest canned food & processed meat, and spending the rest on alcohol. I didn’t realise how bad my diet was until food poisoning hit me like a tonne of bricks.

During my lovely day of food poisoning, I came across “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix, a documentary about the meat & dairy industry. Before then, I’d never even heard of the term veganism, and I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to give up meat. The more I watched, the more I began opening my eyes to a world of cruelty and disease I never knew existed. 

I grew up as a carnivore like most people and never thought twice about what I was putting into my body. I just had no idea & it felt like I’d finally woken up.

Needless to say, my decision to give up meat changed my perspective of… pretty much everything, and since then I have become a sponge to any health-related vegan topics. I am constantly learning more every day and I will never go back to my old eating habits!

Since then, I have been passionate about eating a whole-food plant-based diet for a while now because it’s not only healthy for you and cheap af but you’re also saving the animals & the planet along the way. WIN-WIN.

Living a cruelty free lifestyle just makes you feel like a better human being, which is probably why us annoying vegans talk about it so much… we’re proud god damn it!

My goal is to show you how easy it can be to glow from the inside out by choosing plants over processed foods. You don’t need an abundance of money or 5* cooking skills, you just need an open mind, a few basic ingredients & some vegan black magic.

The Vegan Afterglow is my way of showing you how to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet from “just plants”. I wanted to create a place where you can feel empowered and motivated to live your best life and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

With easy to follow recipes with minimal ingredients, budget friendly tips & loads of free resources, I’m sure you’ll find something helpful here.

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Speak soon my lovely!

I am so excited to share this journey with you & can’t wait to hear your story!

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