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The oil-free plant-based cookbook

The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook is your kick-start guide to a plant-based vegan diet. With 30+ healthy, oil-free, low-calorie, plant-based recipes and 114 pages of materials, plus a 4-week (and beyond) meal plan, menus, shopping lists, step-by-step checklists and reheating tips to help you successfully begin to eat plant-based consistently and easily. And all the recipes are under 500 calories and perfect for a whole-food plant-based diet!

This Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook is a must-have for anyone looking for a REAL solution to eating healthier, losing weight, improving digestion, eating more clean foods, freeing up time, clearing up skin, improving sleep, banishing cravings, and improving their overall quality of life. This ebook could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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What’s inside? Here’s all the amazing plant-based oil-free vegan recipes you get today for just $5.60

Week 1

RECIPES IN WEEK 1: Strawberry Overnight Oats, Triple Berry Chia Seed Pudding, Tofu Ricotta Eggplant Rollups, Mexican Quinoa Salad, Tomato + Red Pepper Soup, Vanilla Banana Nice Cream, Chickpea Mason Jar Pasta Salad, Greek Salsa + Tofu + Cauli Rice Bowl, Frozen Smoothie Cups

Week 2

RECIPES IN WEEK 2: 70-Calorie Oat Flour Pancakes, Veggie Curry, White Bean + Cauliflower Soup, Rawnola Yogurt Mason Jar, Strawberry Banana Nice Cream, Stuffed Mushrooms, BBQ Bean Lettuce Wraps, Mixed Salad With Creamy Vegan Oil-free Dressing, Mini Vegan Cheesecakes

Week 3

RECIPES IN WEEK 3: Black Forest Breakfast Crumble, Strawberry Overnight Oats, Rainbow Spring Rolls, Creamy Mushroom Soup, Chickpea Mason Jar Pasta Salad, Greek Salsa +Tofu + Cauli Rice Bowl, Broccoli Pesto Zoodles, Strawberry Shortcake Bliss Balls, Vanilla Banana Ice Cream

Week 4

RECIPES IN WEEK 4: Triple Berry Chia Seed Pudding, Tropical Smoothie Bowl, Mushroom Cabbage Rolls, Spicy Red Lentil Soup, Tofu Ricotta Eggplant Rollups, Veggie Curry, Mexican Quinoa Salad, Frozen Yogurt Bark, Black Bean Brownies, Oil-Free Vegan Creamy Dressing

But wait, that’s not all!
You also get…

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 1... The Cookbook + Recipes

What is The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook and how it's going to help you...

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 2... Whole Food Plant-Based Overview

What is a WFPB lifestyle and why it's the healthiest lifestyle to live. Including your ultimate plant-based pantry list!

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 3... Food Philosophy

Eat real foods, focus on plants + eat mindfully. Plus a very detailed explanation of DR. Fuhrman's GBOMBS and the plant-based, anti-cancer foods you should be eating everyday!

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 4... Healthy Cooking Techniques

My ultimate oil-free cooking hacks including oven roasting, sautéing and baking. Plus, why going refined sugar-free, oil-free and limiting sugar is going to push your weight loss to the next level! And an easy "how to" guide to soaking nuts, cooking tofu and grains and beans.

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 5... Meal Prepping 101

10 steps to success, grocery shopping tips to save money, cooking tips, reheating tips + storing tips. PLUS, healthy simple meal prep shortcuts to save you so much time and energy!

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 6... Meal Prepping Like A Pro Tips + Shortcuts

Absolutely everything you need to know about meal prepping as a vegan. This includes my amazing 2-day prep system!

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 7... Kitchen Tools + Eco-Friendly Essentials

Kitchen tools that are essential for a successful meal prep session and everything you need to know about what storage containers you need, what sizes and which ones are best.

The oil-free plant-based cookbook

Chapter 8... The
4-Week Meal Prep Plan

A 4-week (and beyond) plan, menus, 30+ detailed vegan and oil-free recipes, nutritional information for each recipe, shopping lists and step-by-step checklists.

All the hard work has already been done for you!

Let Me Guess…

You feel like you don’t have time to cook healthy meals everyday?

You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to achieve your weight loss goals?

You’re sick of not knowing what to eat each day and find yourself choosing unhealthy options like junk food and takeout?

You deserve to fuel your body with wholesome foods and be the best version of yourself!

But here’s the thing… eating healthy shouldn’t mean spending tons of money or hours in the kitchen every day. With The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook, you can nourish your body with a whole foods, no matter how hectic life gets.

How good would it feel to know you’ve already cooked and stored a week’s worth of healthy meals in your fridge before your busy week has even begun?

The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook teaches you how to prepare healthy plant-based meals in efficient batches so you can keep your fridge stocked and enjoy them all week long.

Having a meal prep plan like this is essential for weight loss as it eliminates all the guesswork and makes it easy and convenient to eat healthy.

The program includes detailed step-by-step checklists to show you exactly what to do to create the recipes each week in only a few hours through multi-tasking. This means you’ll always have a nourishing meal ready and prepped for you!

All the recipes included are whole-food, plant-based, minimally processed and oil-free! There are no animal-derived ingredients (meat, dairy, eggs) in any of the recipes.

In essence, over the next 4 weeks, the guide aims to get your eating a predominantly plant-based diet packed with fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, plant protein and fibre-rich foods – the healthiest diet on the planet. Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, these recipes are made to be delicious no matter what lifestyle you follow. Mini cheesecakes, strawberry shortcake bliss balls + creamy mushroom soups are yummy regardless!

Best of all, using this prep program frees up your time so you can focus on the important things in your life, even during your crazy busy week! No last-minute trips to the store, no expensive takeaways and no long cooking sessions in the kitchen after a long day.

The “Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook” is the REAL SOLUTION to eating healthier consistently.

With my secret 2-day prep system, you’re able to batch cook a weeks worth of meals plus snacks in a few hours.

Every single detail is mapped out for you in this program, so you don’t have to over-think or stress about anything.

It’s so simple – grab your done-for-you shopping list, cross off each step of the prep checklist, store your creations for the week ahead and amaze yourself at how quickly you can completely transform your health!

PLUS, the program includes a crazy amount of useful advice on how to prep, store and reheat your meals to see you through the week ahead.

Still not sure if this is for you? Then ask yourself this: What is the REAL reason why you don’t want to commit to yourself? To commit to something for 30 days to see if it works for the price of a coffee? This could be the answer you’ve been waiting for! It was for me and I know it can be for you too.

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PLUS… Your free special bonus!

meal prep planner

Meal Prep Excel Spreadsheet Planner (worth $25)

Plan your meals every week easily using this Meal Prep Planner. With a weekly meal planning spreadsheet to conveniently update with your own recipes, including automatic calorie counting and helpful nutrition tracking. PLUS, spreadsheets for future recipe ideas, meal prep plans and grocery lists. Everything you need for future meal prep success after the 4-Week Prep Program!

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The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook is your kick-start guide to eating the healthiest diet in the world. With over 30 oil-free vegan recipes with detailed nutrition information, including a 4-week (and beyond) plan, menus, shopping lists, step-by-step checklists and reheating tips to help you successfully begin to eat plant-based consistently and easily.

The price for “The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook” is normally $59.00… BUT as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, I’m giving it away for the special price of just $5.60 USD. Naturally I can’t afford to advertise it at this price for long, so grab it now while you still can!

“The Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook” is for anyone who wants to take control of their health and nourish their body consistently and successfully though a plant-based diet.

You do not have to be vegan/plant based/even vegetarian: the meals are yummy and nutritious so no matter what diet you follow, you can enjoy them!

Yes! Each and every recipe in the cookbook is vegan (no meat, egg or dairy products). There are also gluten-free, soy-free + nut-free options and alternatives for each recipe.

The cookbook comes as a PDF file so you can easily access the ebook and all bonuses instantly as soon as you complete your order.

While I didn’t design this ebook specifically as a “weight-loss book”, all of the recipes in this cookbook are under 500 calories and designed to be nutritious and filling and can be used part of a healthy routine that helps you to either lose or maintain your ideal goal weight.

In a nutshell, to most effectively lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, you need to be eating healthy balanced meals on a consistent basis and experiment to find out roughly how many daily calories you need to achieve your personal goals. This depends on a lot of different factors, such as; your current weight, your metabolism, and how much exercise you’re getting in your current lifestyle.

Yes, all of the recipes are plant-based and almost everything is whole food plant-based. All the recipes are also oil-free and nutritarian friendly!

Almost every recipe is gluten-free except for a couple pancake recipes but those can easily be made gluten-free by using a GF flour blend. I use soy sauce sometimes but than can be replaced by gluten-free tamari and some of the recipes contain oats so just make sure you use GF-certified oats, if needed.

Every recipe includes the calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, sodium, iron, calcium and fibre content.

The portion sizes are easily adjustable, so you can cook for as many people as you would like. Just adjust the recipe depending on how many people you’re cooking for!

No not at all – all of my recipes are developed to be easy to follow by anyone, whether an absolute beginner, or more advanced. Each week of meal prep comes with detailed step-by-step checklists so it’s super easy for you!

Meet Jade…

Jade - The Vegan Afterglow

(the plant-based princess)

I’ve created an entire blog, The Vegan Afterglow, to provide easy to make, oil-free, plant-based recipes. But even with an abundance of healthy recipes, I still found it difficult to stay consistent with my eating habits and weight loss. And that’s why I created this cookbook! I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt over the past 5 years of veganism, cooking from scratch and recipe creation, and I've put it all into this easy to follow Oil-Free Plant-Based Cookbook. After struggling for years to lose weight and find a diet that worked for me, I was able to figure out exactly what worked... and more importantly, what didn't work. I knew what I should be eating, but I just couldn't find the energy to cook "healthy" everyday... it was exhausting! So, I decided to create my own guide... and it changed my whole world! I lost weight, gained my confidence back and became full of energy I hadn't had for years. If it worked for me, I know it can work for you too!

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