Okay so even before I started a blog, I was obsessed with Pinterest. I love that you can easily find so much inspiration & knowledge in one place, and if I could spend all day on Pinterest, I easily could.

But I really had no idea how essential a Pinterest account would be for building a blog/business. And if you want to get more traffic to your website, then Pinterest is without a doubt one of the best marketing tools out there today. Not to mention, it’s completely free, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

I have been on Pinterest for years now, and the past few months I’ve been using a few different strategies to see what works best to get more re-pins, more followers & more traffic. And after following these super easy steps, I managed to skyrocket my monthly unique visitors from next to nothing to 400k a month! Below is a screenshot from my Pinterest Analytics to show you how last month (November 2018) I was able to get 427,88 viewers. So if I can do it, so can too, and I’m going to show you how!


9 Steps To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic & Get 500k Monthly Views


This step is without a doubt the most important. Without group boards, my traffic would be no way near 400k. If you’ve been on Pinterest looking around for strategies on how to increase your re-pins & your monthly views then you’ll have an understanding that one of the best ways to do that is to pin your content to group boards. 

And more than likely you’ve come across one or more people telling you to check out “pin groupie” and apply to group boards. I can’t stress enough how much time & energy I’ve put into scrolling through the endless list of group boards on ‘pin groupie’, sending hundreds of emails asking to be a contributor to get ZERO responses. So let me tell you the secret to finding active group boards that actually accept contributors regularly. 

First off, you need to find someone with a popular Pinterest profile in your niche. If you don’t know how to find a popular profile then search for pins in your niche (for example I search for vegan recipes) and then find a pin that’s been re-pinned a lot and go onto the profile of the person who made the pin. Or if you’re aware of any popular blogs in your niche then search for their profiles.

Once you’ve done that, check out which group boards they’re contributors for. Then click onto those group boards and in most cases in the description it will say how you can become a contributor. This is usually by sending the owner a quick email or commenting on one of the pins in the board, which usually does take a bit of time, but I promise you it’s worth it.

I applied for around 20 group boards in one morning, and I think about half of them got back to me and invited me to their board a few days after. Like I said, this is without a doubt the most valuable strategy you can use on Pinterest to promote your blog posts. Once you’ve been invited to join a few group boards, start posting your pins daily & I promise you, you’ll see an increase in traffic & re-pins.

Here’s an example email of what I would usually send to the group board owner:

9 Steps To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic & Get 500k Monthly Views


After researching this quite a lot, I’ve determined that it’s better for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to have separate boards instead of having one main board and using sections. Obviously you can do your own research on this, but from what I’ve read, having sections on your boards isn’t good for your traffic or SEO. Plus, in my opinion I think it looks better to have lots of interesting and on-niche boards to attract your audience so they can see your branding on Pinterest as soon as they’re on your profile.


I’ve just touched on this in the previous step, about making separate boards instead of sections. I had lots of sections for my main ‘vegan recipes’ board, and as soon as I deleted the sections and organised the recipes into their own specific boards, my views & my followers went up. This took me at least a day or so to organise a few thousand pins, but it was well worth it. I also made a board specifically for my blog posts so that all my blog posts are easy to find.

In addition to this, you can also drag & drop your boards so that your popular/on brand boards are arranged at the top so they’re the first boards your audience will see. This is so easy to do on your phone & laptop!

9 Steps To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic & Get 500k Monthly Views


By “convert”, I mean attract your audience, get views & drive traffic to your blog. I can’t tell you enough how much Coschedule Headline Analyser has been a god send for me. You just type in the blog post title you’re thinking of, and it rates it for you to tell you how powerful your title is and if it will convert with your audience or not. You can also find free resources on the website, like lists of power & emotional words that you can add to your titles to improve them. It’s such a helpful & free resource because it teaches you how to write amazing blog titles that are going to attract your perfect audience.


Hide your boards that aren’t on brand and don’t relate to your niche. My niche is plant-based eating on a budget, so I decided to make my non-vegan food board (that I use for ideas for family/friends who aren’t vegan) “secret”. It helps your audience recognise your brand & I found that it also increases your followers.

If someone is following me for vegan recipes, then they definitely don’t want to see non-vegan recipes popping up on their homepage. I do still have boards like “travel” & “beauty” that aren’t food or health related, but as long as they’re not completely off brand I’ll leave them on there for the time being.


This is really important! Not only does this help your branding, but it makes it easier for your audience to notice what pins are yours in their feed & it drives traffic to your blog. I use Canva for everything, because it’s simply an amazing graphic-design tool website & it’s completely free. I usually create a few different pins for each blog posts & test them out to see which one gets the most attraction!

But, if you’re not very creative online, or you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, or you don’t have a clue how to make pins, then check out the ready made The Bloggers Dream Template Bundle – it’s on sale at the moment for £5.00/$6.40 & perfect for creating consistent pins that you can easily edit for each blog post, which makes it so much easier each time you want to promote your posts on Pinterest.

For me, having professional templates I can easily edit has saved me HOURS of design time & frustration because it’s so easy to quickly change the words and images using the templates an endless amount of times and still have consistent branding with all my pins every time I want to promote a new blog post!


“Keywords” – Sprinkle that shit everywhere! Put keywords in your bio, your board descriptions & your pin descriptions. This is how your perfect future/potential audience is going to find you!

A good tip for this is to act as if nobody knows your blog or what you do. You need to have a catchy bio on your profile to show your audience who you are, what you do & why you’re the best at it. I left mine on “vegan blogger” for at least a year and it did me no good. Now my bio stands out, makes my brand known & shows my audience why I’m your gal! This is my current bio:

“Empowering you to eat healthy & thrive on a vegan diet! With free vegan resources, inspiring health tips & budget friendly recipes using minimal ingredients!”


You read the last step about sprinkling keywords everywhere right? But by integrating your keywords in your board/pin descriptions basically means, instead of putting your pin description as “#mealplanning #veganonabudget #healthy living” – You would use a description like “How you can easily start meal planning if you’re a vegan on a budget. Get healthy this year in no time!”

The end goal is to make the description focused around your keywords, rather than just the keywords themselves. Again, this is a handy trick to help boost your SEO!


If you’re a busy bee & you want your Pinterest to thrive, then Tailwind is perfect for you. Tailwind is a life-changing for Pinterest scheduling & analytics. It basically does all the repetitive, boring and work for you. For me, Tailwind has been an excellent time-saving automation tool & one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest. I usually add 40/50 pins to my Tailwind schedule every week and then Tailwind does all the important stuff for you by choosing when is the best time of day to post your pins, and then sends a pin out at each of those times.

If you click the link below you can receive a FREE 14-day trial without having to put any of your credit card details in!

You can also join Tailwind tribes once you’ve signed up. Tailwind tribes are the equivalent to group boards, and with a tailwind subscription you can join 5 free tailwind tribes. This is amazing for getting your content out to your perfect audience because you can join tribes perfect for your niche.


Make covers for your boards – 

I have a lot of boards (56 and counting – not including my 16 secret boards), and I feel that to make covers for all of them would be very time consuming. I will eventually get around to this, but for now, my traffic is increasing every week without the need for them. I may actually just make board covers for the main boards and see if that makes a difference. Watch this space!

Now you know exactly what you need to do to get hundreds of thousands of views on your Pinterest. So start writing some amazing, inspiring & helpful content for your blog (at least 5/10 blog posts related to your niche), and get ready to promote them on Pinterest!

And if you found this post helpful then let me know in the comments below, I really love hearing from you guys! And don’t forget to follow The Vegan Afterglow on Pinterest!

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