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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas For Plant-Based Vegans

I am a BIG fan of meal prep. Mostly because I’m lazy and meal prep is the only thing that keeps me eating healthy. So if you’re like me, and you need some inspiration to start your week off right, then here are over 30 healthy meal prep ideas for plant-based vegans. Not to mention most of these are easy peaaaasy to make, and since they’re made up of mostly yummy veggies and vegan protein like chickpeas and tofu, they are also cheap as hell to make. Prepping your vegan meals is for you if are: a busy bee and you want to have healthy food ready when you need it a student who wants budget friendly meal prep meals…

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This Is Why You Need To Start Meal Prepping If You're Struggling To Go Vegan

This Is Why You Need To Start Meal Prepping If You’re Struggling To Go Vegan

Have you ever had that 5/6 o’clock feeling when you’re finally done for the day, you’re hungry and you just want to eat anything in sight? Yup I think we’ve all been there. When you’re hungry AF, the quickest thing to eat is a microwave meal or snacks. But if you’re trying to eat healthy or achieve a health goal (losing weight for example) then unhealthy & processed food isn’t the best option. And whether you’re vegan or not, you’re not going to hit any of your daily nutrition values eating crap. Over the years I’ve found that a lot of yummy (& healthy) vegan meals can be planned & prepped in advance to make it super easy for you…

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