Okay so Christmas is 10 days away, and as the countdown begins, it’s easy to start stressing about what you’re going to eat if you’re a vegan. So I think it’s officially time to do a compilation of Vegan recipes that are perfect for the big day! Whether you’re new to veganism or not, this is the year to make your own meat-free traditions and celebrate Christmas with a cruelty free plate!

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For us vegan’s, Christmas can be a stressful time. Most of us spend a whole day surrounded by non-vegan food, with friends & family who want to dig into one of the 10 million turkeys that are slaughtered each year for this one day. And really, who wants a dry ass turkey for dinner this year? Not me! Especially with the abundance of vegan options available this year. I keep saying it, but 2018 has definitely been the year of veganism. More and more people are starting to open their eyes to the cruelty on their plates and make the leap to veganism.

A lot of new vegan products have been released this year, restaurants have added yummy vegan options to their menus, dairy farms have closed down & the term “vegan” is constantly being brought up in the news. Good or bad, it gets people talking about veganism and that’s all it takes for people to start doing their own research. And the more people that do turn to veganism, the more in demand vegan products will be, and the more vegan products will be created to make being vegan easier & more “normal” in today’s world.

40 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

On a side note, since it’s the time of year when most people are invited to parties, dinners & events – One of lessons I’ve learnt since going vegan is to not be embarrassed to bring your own food wherever you go. I used to always feel so weird and uncomfortable bringing my vegan food to someone else’s house or event, but actually, I think it’s a relief for not only yourself but the host too. And also, I think it’s cool to bring your own food – you’re doing your own thing and you don’t care about what other people think.

In most cases, people genuinely have no idea what to cook for a vegan, and I don’t blame them, because I felt exactly the same when I first decided to go vegan. But if you bring your own food, you know 100% that you’ll be able to eat with everyone else (so you won’t feel left out) and it means you have the opportunity to show off all your yummy vegan food! So if you have an event to go to this Christmas, I say, knock up an amazing vegan dish, whack it in some tupperware and be proud!

I’ve been really lucky this year, and the past few times I’ve been round to a friend’s house for dinner or to a family gathering, the host has prepared a vegan dish for me! It means a lot when someone does a separate dish for you, so if you’re not vegan & you have a vegan guest coming for Christmas this year, then these recipes are going to save your ass too!

So here we go… 36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas… dig in!

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

1. Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls with Cranberry-Pear Sauce by Oh She Glows

2. Vegan Lentil Nut “Meatloaf” by Minimalist Baker

3. Vegan Yorkshire Puddings by A Virtual Vegan

4. Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries & Pecans by Cookies + Kate

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

5. Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu by Oh My Veggies

6. Cranberry Rosemary Vegan Cheese Ball by The Stingy Vegan

7. Maple Dijon Roasted Carrots by Closet Cooking

8. Stuffed Butternut Squash With Tempeh by Pickles & Honey

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

9. How To Cook A Tofurky Roast by I Love Vegan

10. Vegan Green Bean Casserole by Hummusapien

11. Lentil Loaf with Classic Brown Onion Gravy by The Mostly Vegan

12. Vegan Yorkshire Puddings by Carly’s Vegan Kitchen

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

13. Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Cranberries by Little Bits Of Real Food, Real Talk

14. Brussels Sprouts With Mushroom “Bacon” by Wallflower Kitchen

15. Spiced Baked Cauliflower with Spicy Lentils by Lauren Caris Cooks

16. Festive Butternut Roast by The Veg Space

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

17. Parsnip, mushroom & barley wreath by BBC Good Food

18. Mini Chestnut Vegan Sausage Rolls by Thinly Spread

19. Stuffed Mushrooms by Cheftographer

20. Pecan and Mushroom Wellington by Delightful Vegans

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

21. Vegan mushroom, chestnut & cranberry tart by Jamie Oliver

22. Mushroom, Chestnut & Ale Pie by Wallflower Kitchen

23. Vegan Mashed Potatoes With Roasted Garlic by Loving It Vegan

24. Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding by Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

25. Vegan Holiday Wreath Appetizer by Spec Of Gold

26. Vegan Spinach Puffs by Connoisseurus Veg

27. Chestnut, squash and sweet potato loaf by Olive Magazine

28. Chestnut and Cashew Nut Roast by Thinly Spread

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

29. Vegan deer biscoff doughnut holes by The Little Blog Of Vegan

30. Christmas Tree Cupcakes by Nadias Healthy Kitchen

31. Vegan Mince Pies With Rich Home-Made Filling by Elegantly Vegan

32. Raw Vegan and Paleo Christmas Puddings by Greens Of The Stoneage

36 Unbeatable Vegan Recipes For A Stress-Free Christmas

33. Festive Mince Pie Twists by JusRol

34. Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies by Nora Cooks

35. Vegan Panforte Chocolate Christmas Cake by Wallflower Kitchen

36. Vegan Gingerbread Loaf With Cranberry Glaze by Cosy Peach Kitchen

Let me know in the comments below if you're planning on using any of these recipes this Christmas!